Maddy and Richard

Both bride and groom being motorbike enthusiasts, there was only one place and time for them to tie the knot - TT Week on the Isle of Man. And if that wasn't unique enough, they did it at the spectacular Peel Castle, which was organised and decorated by Event Management Solutions. Getting married outside on the Isle of Man doesn't come without risks, but if it pays off and the sun comes out, there aren't many places more naturally beautiful and diverse.

I arrived early in the morning to capture the bridal party getting ready, which is also a good opportunity to capture some of the smaller details while there isn't a lot happening. When I arrived at the rented holiday let in Peel, the stylists were already hard at work including the talented Marco from Utopia Hair Salon.

Castle Ceremony

On arrival at Peel Castle, the bride was met by the florist from Elaine's Flowers. It's not easy setting up an elopement, but with a good team on board, this wedding was the perfect example of how things can fall together.

A short but steep climb later, the bride arrived at the garrison, where the groom nervously waited in the glorious sunshine. Walked halfway down the aisle by her father and the rest of the way by her teenage son. The family and friends that all travelled so far to witness and celebrate this moment were clearly emotional by now and in a setting like this, no one could blame them.

Bring on the bikes!

From the very first time Maddy contacted me, she made it quite clear that following the ceremony they would love to have a photo session with their bikes involved. This is awesome for me as an artist, as I see this not only as a challenge but also an opportunity to create something unique and special for my clients. I found the perfect place for this, but naturally the land I set my sights on was closed to vehicles with the gate kept locked by the local authorities. I contacted them and after a short negotiation, they not only granted us permission to ascend Peel hill with several vehicles, but we also had an escort up and down.

The prominent position, overlooking the very building they had just been wed in made this the only place to capture these moments.

Always time for cake.

This should have been where we parted ways. Just an intimate meal and a few drinks at the local pub was how they chose to celebrate. Then they mentioned the cake and I just had to add it to their memories. Elaine at Taylor Made Cakes designed and created a unique masterpiece. So unique that only a person with any knowledge of the Isle of Man TT races would actually know what they were looking at. That's why it was just perfect for Maddy and Richard.